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from Dee 

Welcome to my website – My name is Dee and I teach Yoga in Dorset, Devon & Somerset & worldwide at retreats. To me yoga is about connecting your breathing and movement, bringing a feeling of ease during practice, creating calm & wellbeing & improving overall health.

Through my own yoga practice, I have found fulfilment and a path to recovery from the stresses of everyday life and I love sharing this with others through my teaching. Absolutely anyone can practise yoga. It can be the catalyst for your journey toward a healthier, happier, more balanced and peaceful life.

See details of my current classes & please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Dee x

“Yoga is like music. The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul, create the symphony of life” – BKS Iyengar

ethos & teachings

with Dee B Yoga

Dee came into contact with yoga, pranayama and meditation in her late teens. She practiced various different styles of yoga and it was ‘love at first breathe’ it was through the love of her practice and the transformational benefits that she decided to train as a yoga teacher as she wanted others to experience the benefits that she herself had. She has transformed her own life through this comprehensive healing practice. Dee’s qualifications and specialities are Yin, Restorative, Hatha & Hatha Flow, Aerial Yoga, Guided meditation/relaxation, Life Coaching and Ayurveda.

Her practice is beautifully breath focused, pulling the awareness into the body and empowering the mind to use its capabilities for the good of the whole being.  She loves to use meditations that are complex in their simplicity and deliver them with love and grace.

She really values healthy alignment of the body, the mind as well as a heartfelt and kind inner attitude.  Guided by an open heart and a curious mind, we playfully explore the boarders between softness and intensity – this is my yoga. I love to explore the body’s natural way of moving as we try and find a lightness in the practice.

Dee is fascinated with Ayurveda and how this eastern approach to medicine is so intricately entwined with yoga.  Dee has a diploma qualification in the principles of Ayurveda and can use this within her practice to further enhance your experiences on and off the mat.  She can work with ascertaining your unique body type and make suggestions relating to the optimum diet to live in complete balance.

Also, a qualified life coach, law of attraction specialist and journaling/gratitude advocate she loves nothing more than bringing elements of all of this into her online classes. A holistic approach and powerful practical tools to align the body, mind and spirit; to feel connected and energised and to be able to live a happy and healthy and fulfilling life.

She loves to hold nurturing and compassionate spaces where students can come home to themselves and realise the wisdom, strength and beauty that lives within them all.

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Dee is now bringing all of her learnings and wisdom to an exclusive online private membership group as your wellness instructor. You will have access to this exclusive group for just £25 per month!

As a member, you’ll gain access to an exclusive Facebook Group where you’ll receive:

  • Pre recorded classesYin, Hatha & Hatha flow
  • Live classes on a regular weekly schedule
  • Guided relaxation and meditation
  • Access to online monthly workshops
  • Picture sequences to use when you have less time or to focus on specific areas of the body
  • Weekly or monthly posture challenges 
  • Recipes & Healthy food tips

Everything you need with Dee B Yoga! 


All Your Wellness Needs

Join in one of my relaxation and guidance workshops to recharge your batteries or adopt some restoration in your life. You can also book your bundle of workshops, classes and 1:1 guidance sessions to get you through a term and really invest in your journey.


“I had never attended a yoga class before and to be honest was quite nervous but Dee’s classes are a lovely experience. Dee is a truly genuine, kind and supportive person and her yoga classes ADD to your life; they make you feel good about being who you are and your body feels energised. I left the class feeling relaxed and happy. Thank you Dee. XXX” - Helen, Devon

"Dee’s classes are a lovely experience. Dee is a truly genuine, kind and supportive person and her yoga classes ADD to your life; they make you feel good about being who you are and your body feels energised" - Helen, Devon

"Dee leads a very relaxing and restorative class. She is a gentle and warm person and this comes over in her classes where the atmosphere is one of calm and peace. It is easy to lean into the poses and let things be as they are. I always feel renewed after a class!"- Tessa, Dorset

"Nothing is too much trouble for Dee, she genuinely cares and wants to help you improve your wellbeing and fitness. Her classes are methodically and professionally planned and very enjoyable. You always come away feeling so much better than when you arrived. Thank you Dee for being such a great Yoga Teacher!" - Steph, Bridport

"Great teacher with a very calming approach. I would definitely recommend Dee B Yoga!" - Paul, Essex

"Dee has such a lovely warm and calming manner. Her classes are relaxed and fun and it doesn't matter what shape you are in, everyone is welcomed and nobody is ever made to feel silly. I thoroughly enjoy the aerial yoga classes!" - Becky, Lyme Regis

"I have been gifted my first session from my best friend and I am now hooked. I have never done yoga before. Dee made me feel very welcome and she explains everything so well and you feel so relaxed at the end of the session." - Kat, Bridport

"Dee is an excellent yoga teacher. I only started Dees classes this year and I felt so welcome. Dee plans out each aerial yoga class and ensures they are fun yet challenging. Dee also explains clearly how to do each move and explains the benefits which I find really helpful. I would highly recommend for anyone of any ability who wants to try something new in a safe welcoming environment." - Aisha, Somerset

"Ever since the first day I met Dee I instantly felt relaxed, I can highly recommend her classes, they are informative, relaxing, and Dee has such a calm and kind nature. From the moment you step in the room you feel like all your stresses and worries have disappeared. I never thought I would love yoga as much as I do!" Amy, Dorset

"I wasn't convinced yoga was for me but having been with Dee for several terms I'm really loving her class. Dee explains why we are doing the postures and the relaxation at the end of the class is wonderful" - Jane, Symondsbury

"In 63 years I had never done Yoga before but needed to stretch and become more flexible - I turned up, nervous, unsure my knees and hips would let me take part - the welcoming calm environment that Dee provides, instantly put me at ease. Anything I can’t do Dee adapts and I come away with a spring in heart and a sense of peace but also strength that the journey back to myself is possible. Thank you Dee" - Adrienne, Wiltshire


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