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Bundles of classes and workshops hosted by me, Dee, diving deep into a sea of restoration & wellness for every stage of your journey. View my workshop & wellness menu below..


Learn more about my workshops, what they entail and which one(s) you would like to join then see underneath Workshop Booking information & timetable.

Balancing Chakras Workshop

What are Chakras? How to detect if you have a Chakra out of balance. Poses to help the Chakras and rebalance and reenergise them.  Use the whole Chakra (energy system) to keep the body in perfect harmony.

Rest & Repair Restorative Workshop

Give yourself the ultimate rest and repair session.  Through restorative yoga poses, calming music and guided relaxation allow yourself the self care and self love your body and mind derserves.  Leave feeling repaired and restored.

Yin & Yang Workshop

Through a sequence of Yang Yoga Postures, followed by Yin Yoga postures, allow your body and mind to work as a whole.  The Yang postures working with strengthening the muscles and the Yin postures working with flexibility.  We need both Yin and Yang for the body to be working effectively.  Being ‘too Yin or too Yang’ can cause long term health issues. 

Mandala Drawing Workshop

Learn about the meaning behind Mandalas and how they have been used in the Hindu & Buddhist religions for many years and how to start to design your own Mandala drawing

choose your bundle

Introducing a ‘bundle’ option for those looking to commit to a term full of wellness classes & goodness for your restorative journey.

What you’ll get:

Each bundle includes 7 x classes or videos depending on the bundle you have chosen. Each class or video is hosted by me as your personal yoga teacher.

Who is it for?

This is a fantastic option for those who are wanting to commit themselves ahead of time and at any stage of their yoga journey.

How to book?

Simply scroll down to see my bundle menu! Here, you’ll also find my virtual membership option & workshop booking links.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask:



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